3 Things You Should Know Before You Consider A Buttock Augmentation

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The gluteal augmentation, otherwise known as the buttock augmentation is a popular procedure that is designed to enhance the shape and size of the buttocks. As the latest techniques improve, more patients are continuing to get the procedure. In fact, over 14,000 Brazilian butt lifts were performed just last year alone.

However, there is more to learn about a successful buttock augmentation. Before you set your appointment for the procedure, consider these factors first. Here are 4 things you should know before you consider a buttock augmentation.

A Butt implant is different from a Brazilian butt lift

For butt augmentation, there are two techniques to enhance the buttocks. You can choose the Brazilian butt lift, as the procedure surgically places silicone buttock implants and fat transfer to the region. On the other hand, you can use implants to give your butt more shape. Your plastic surgeon will help you determine which choice is better in achieving your desired goals.

Results Depend on the Surgeon

The key to achieving successful results lay on the surgeon. It is important to decide on the surgeon as they must have the qualifications and experience to provide you with a successful operation. Ask them questions that will help you determine whether are not they are qualified, such as what can I expect after my recovery? How many procedures have you done? How long will the procedure take? What are the risks of the procedure?

Fun fact about lips

Did you know more and more girls choose for lip widening surgery? It’s most popular with Asian girls that have a shallow lips. However most girls still prefer lip fillers over lip widening, as it’s a less intense procedure. Are you going to get your lips enhanced? Let us know in the comments!

The Best Results Will Contribute to Your Body

An experienced plastic surgeon will be patient with you and help you decide the best shape, size, and procedure for your body goals. While you might have an ideal shape in mind, your surgeon might discuss optional procedures to consider that will help you understand what you need to achieve your physical goals. The goal of a buttock augmentation is to enhance your butt. However, it should now before your only feature that people notice.

Are you planning to get a buttock augmentation? What are your thoughts on the procedure? Comment below and let us know!

What You Need to Know About Bikini Laser Hair Removal

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As bikini season is finally here, the last thing you want to worry about it shaving your bikini area. From the ingrown hairs, itchy bumps, skin irritation, and redness that waxing or shaving, maintaining your bikini area are hard to achieve. That is why bikini laser hair removal is a great option to consider, especially for the summer season.

Here’s what you need to know about bikini laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal Works Before For Dark-Colored Hair

Those with light hair, especially blonde or white hair, lack the appropriate pigment that is necessary to make laser removal effective. Your skin color also plays a vital role in the treatment. Additionally, you cannot have any sort of infections, rashes, or wounds in the region during the treatment.

Laser Treatment Requires More than One Session

Treatment for laser hair removal requires at least 4 sessions within three to six-week intervals. This is to ensure that the hair follicle is well treated during the specific time frame of the growth cycle. The appropriate response for after the removal treatment is thinner, lighter hair. While the results are not permanent, not many people need to have the treatment done more than once a year.

Costs May Vary

In most cases, visiting a dermatologist will cost more than a beauty spa. This is because the clinic will cover the time and expertise of the doctor. You can expect to pay about $150-200 per treatment minimum. Meanwhile, at the spa, prices might start as low as $40.

Avoid the Sun

Before and after the treatment, it is important to avoid the sun as you must not expose the skin to light for at least three weeks before and after the treatment. Be sure to use SPF 30 on treated areas to help you avoid tanning or darkening the skin.

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4 Things to Consider When Achieving Natural Looking Breast Implants

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For women who choose to undergo a breast augmentation, the procedure is meant to enhance their natural breast shape and size and embrace their feminine features. If you plan to have an augmentation done for yourself, it is important to consider the aspects and decisions that go into the process.

If you want to increase your breast size but still look natural, there are things to consider. In this guide, we will give you the key details on what you need to know.

Here are 4 things to consider when achieving natural looking breast implants.

Consider the Size of the Implant

Your doctor should be able to recommend the ideal size of the plant that will match your body type. You can let them know about your aesthetic goals and the ideal size that you want to achieve. While you might want to go up two sizes, you might want to consider just going up on cup size for a natural appearance. Choosing the ideal size will help you achieve natural results that are worth the value.

Location of the Breast Implant

Did you know that there is more than one position to place the breast implant? Your plastic surgeon should be able to show you the various positions and where the ideal placement should go. This will be based on the thickness of your breast tissue as well as your lifestyle. The most common placement is the dual plane position, which is where the implant is placed under the pectoral muscle and breast gland.

Shape of the Breast implant

Breast implants that are large and round will appear very circular and unnatural. Whereas the teardrop-shaped silicone-gel implant will add natural curves to the body and conform effortlessly.

Proper Profile

As breast implants are made available in a variety of looks. You can choose high-profile implants that give you a perky look while low-profile implants create a natural tone. Consider sticking to a low or moderate profile implant to give you a less defined look, but still, add volume to the breasts.


Breast implants are very personal as the size and shape will be determined based on your goals to have a natural or artificial look. If you want to choose implants that look natural, be sure to consult with your doctor to help you make the best decision.

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