What You Need to Know About Bikini Laser Hair Removal

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As bikini season is finally here, the last thing you want to worry about it shaving your bikini area. From the ingrown hairs, itchy bumps, skin irritation, and redness that waxing or shaving, maintaining your bikini area are hard to achieve. That is why bikini laser hair removal is a great option to consider, especially for the summer season.

Here’s what you need to know about bikini laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal Works Before For Dark-Colored Hair

Those with light hair, especially blonde or white hair, lack the appropriate pigment that is necessary to make laser removal effective. Your skin color also plays a vital role in the treatment. Additionally, you cannot have any sort of infections, rashes, or wounds in the region during the treatment.

Laser Treatment Requires More than One Session

Treatment for laser hair removal requires at least 4 sessions within three to six-week intervals. This is to ensure that the hair follicle is well treated during the specific time frame of the growth cycle. The appropriate response for after the removal treatment is thinner, lighter hair. While the results are not permanent, not many people need to have the treatment done more than once a year.

Costs May Vary

In most cases, visiting a dermatologist will cost more than a beauty spa. This is because the clinic will cover the time and expertise of the doctor. You can expect to pay about $150-200 per treatment minimum. Meanwhile, at the spa, prices might start as low as $40.

Avoid the Sun

Before and after the treatment, it is important to avoid the sun as you must not expose the skin to light for at least three weeks before and after the treatment. Be sure to use SPF 30 on treated areas to help you avoid tanning or darkening the skin.

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